I wonder how it all happened. My craziness, your desire. Or was it my desire? The point was that we were blind. We just got the desire going, forgot about anything else and drove. And did we drive. On the highest picks, to the highest emotion, racings us then down the line only to get up again. The emotions made us shout. Shout out of pleasure and pain. Shout for the feelings alive. Shout for the blood pumping through our veins. Shout for life, for feeling each neuron awaking.

           But when the veil felt of, it only shout for pain. For the miss of what it might have been. For it was just a fairytale in my mind, but till the end nothing. I was prepared for it. But that wasn’t the “it”. I was preparing for nothing. All was just dust in the wind. I painted you in so many beautiful colors that you never had. I put you on a pedestal but you didn’t know how to climb there. I gave it all to you when I should have given it all to me instead.

          Because when I did, all that remained was the shout of laughter.  A laughter that I felt so hard. A laughter for what I believed and hoped, but all was nothing more than thin air. So now I laugh at the thin air, as I see you laughing at me for being so naïve. Let’s all laugh for not thinking, not judging. Just feeling and then taste the pain of falling so hard. Laugh!


My camera


My camera who painted the picture with the sky when I met you;

My camera that heard the birds singing when you looked my way;

My camera that caught your smile when your heart was happy;

My camera that surprised the goose bumps on my skin when you touched me;

My camera that caught the laughter of both of us, for a silly joke;

My camera that caught my melted eyes when I looked at you;

My camera that caught the fear in your eyes, when I touched you;

My camera that saw the tension between us with every touch and every breath;

My camera that would always run out of battery when I was with you;

My camera that got all of our glimpses of happy times together;

My camera that caught my tear falling down my eye when you said that’s all;

My camera who painted that fake smile, when you said that all will be soon forgotten;

My camera that took a picture with the lonely road when I was driving back home in tears;

My camera that painted every sad corner of my room, that reminded me of you;

My camera that stood by me, when I didn’t want to see the world anymore;

My camera that showed me the world again through its lenses and the world smiled;

My camera for painting out every smile sent from unknown person, just to let me now that life’s beautiful;

My camera for all that it has seen, all that it will see and all the smiles that it puts on my face.

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A must


I hoped so high and felt so hard

I miss your smile, and I am scared

I miss it all but there is no hope

That hope that made me desire for us to elope

The hope that made me dream of your warm embrace

 The hope that made me think there might be a second chance


But second choices can’t be for everyone

You must have a heart to give love to anyone

 A desire for wanting it

A desire that can’t make us split

 But your desire is just for lust

When my desire was for a must


A must of us together

 A must of us forever

A must that I needed so

 But you turned it into a NO

Love Book


You brooked my wings

And I felt so hard

Thinking of all the dreams

That flushed away at the last yard


I miss the dream I had about you

But nothing was actually true

I miss the way I painted you

But all that was like the color blue


It’s hard for me to breath

It’s hard for me too feel again

I feel like I witnessed a dead

For the happiness that turned into pain


I can hardly move

No words left to speak

Because I can hardly prove

That I am nothing else but a wreak


I miss your every smile

Your every breath, your every look

But all I can do is write a text, while

I cry for what it used to be a love book


And so you leave me to the vain

And make me wonder once again

If happiness can be for everyone

Cause love isn’t for anyone




I wish today was not just an ordinary day

And it would have been better if it was yesterday

The day before when all my friends were here

And soul to soul, every core was near



If only I didn’t felt every word you said

If only I didn’t felt like a maid

If only you could have loved me too

And not loved me like you hated too



And if yesterday can be erased

All the bad memories will wash away

But all my friends will be a waste

Cause they all fade in your thoughts so grey.