Master me!

Master me!


I won’t let you master me. Not today! Today you obey, because I said so!

Sit down! Don’t laugh, it’s not funny!

Do not try to look in my eyes! I won’t fall into this trap!

Oh, you don’t think I can resist? Try me! Today I won’t startle at anything. You are not as good and important as you think. You can kiss me on the neck as much as you want, I won’t startle. Do you think if you hold my hands over my head, stuck to the wall, fixed, and you draw circles with your tongue in my ear, it changes anything?

You make me laugh already. No! I breathe harder because I ‘m tired of hanging with my hands up. So what if you turn me around?  My face, against the cold wall will only get me cooler. You have no effect on me unless I want so, I told you. Today you obey, not me!

Okay, fine, keep trying. Everything fails anyway. I talk too much? Eh … I told you that you do not have any effect on me. So what if you kiss me from head to toe?  Nothing will happen. The fact that my skin is transformed only certifies that is has a voice of her own, but it does not mean that I feel something. Do not bite my lips, I do not obey today. I hurt myself? Where? I clenched my fists, my nails cut my hands … I didn’t know. But still, that’s nothing. My high heels are still on my feet!
Do not lick my lips, or bite them! I still feel nothing. I am only burning, and I am short from crazy not to touch you, but I don’t want you to win. You draw masterpieces of art with your tongue on my chest and slowly you are going lower and looking into my eyes, full of passion. I lift my hands up; I don’t want to touch you. Lower and lower you reached my volcano. My legs are shaking, they do not listen to me, and I have goose bumps. I bite my lips so hard with pleasure that they will break. Moans are coming out, they do not listen to me, and the pleasure gets so intense, that I put my hands in your hair. Do not raise your eyebrow proud, don’t smile, master me!



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