Twisted Love


Twisted Love you came around,

And made my whole world spin;

And then you set me to the ground,

And under your shadow I could lean.

Twisted Love you are like a tornado

who woke up the most silent volcano’

But did you see, that you took me to the sky

And left me there to die, so high…

Smiling, you left again,

And left me to the vain,

And made me wonder one more time

If happiness can be for everyone!



6 thoughts on “Twisted Love

  1. You wanted a criticism! I have one of it.
    i like this poem but i’would have deleted the two last verses. You would have been able to stop at “if hapiness can be for everyone!” to keep the authenticity of the poem and the intensity of the previous verses.
    The two last verses allow to make a “sizain” (a stanza of six verses) and that, it’s stylish. But i don’t like the last verses, if you want to please me, find others verses!
    But Without the two last verses, it would be a perfect poem!

    • Thank you so much for your input. The fact is that when I wrote the poem it didn’t had the last two verses but when I published it ( almost 8 months after) I added them. So the first inspiration was the good one:) I’ll keep that in mind for the future. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and criticise them. I appreciate it! Hugs!

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