My funny Valentine


A few years back one Valentine’s was more than unexpected and funny. On 13 of February I participated at a Facebook contest, posted by a local restaurant. A guy and I were the winners. The prize was a dinner for each. The owner of the restaurant made comments that maybe we should come together, as we both won, and according to our Facebook status we were both singles.  We laughed about it, but no proposal came from the guy’s side. I checked his profile, and he was good looking, had some fun posts, so I was interested. But as I didn’t receive any invitation from his side, I said nothing. On Valentine’s I decided to go at the restaurant and claim my prize.  I found a guy to go with, so we went there for a romantic dinner.

Not very long after we arrived there, the Facebook guy, the other winner arrived too, with a lady. They had booked a table, which was near ours.  I smiled, and he did too, but we didn’t make acquaintance.  The whole situation was weird, and we exchanged many looks and shared smiles. The fire was in the air. His date kept looking at me. My date kept looking at him. I guess both were very confused about why we keep staring and smiling at each other.

Finally, me and my date finished our dinner, the prize from restaurant, and decided to leave. After 10 min I receive a Facebook message: “Want to meet back here in an hour, just you and me?” Who do you think sent that message?? The Facebook guy!!

Of course I came back, and so did he and we laughed about the funny situation. We both “eaten” our prizes with somebody else, and ended together at the same table but now paying for the dinner, and we stayed until it closed.  The flame was burning so hard between us, that at a point, we kissed. We stopped when we heard somebody laughing in tears.

It was the waiter, who noticed everything that happened, and said that it was the funniest Valentine he ever saw.  And of course made us both crazy! He was not that far away from the truth!



P.S. this post participates at the DP Weekly Chalenge!


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