In love with passion…



      Although I always felt it, I never could put a name on that feeling that always conquered any ideas I had. It was passion. A passion for everything I put my eyes on. A fire that can’t be tamed can’t be mastered. But I can play with it and push my limits. All the men that I’ve ever met were attracted to fire, like flies. I always had glue on guys. But the mismatch was that they all tried to tam me. Or you can’t tam fire. Even if you try to put it out, the fire will always have the desire of lighting up again.

           In a way men are still cavemen. Since forever they tried to master fire. They are addicted to it, like to a drug. And they can’t stop until they try. I’ve tasted that lesson so many times that finally I had to learn. My greatest strength is fire. When I am in fire I can do anything. I can overcome any problem, any issue, I can create, built, develop anything. There is no power to stop me. And I can’t look any other way until it’s done. The fire builds me stronger with each try. But my greatest strength is my biggest weakness. Cause men are attracted to me like flies, but they all want to tam me. I can’t be tamed. I need a man who is in love with passion too. I need a fire also. So that we both can play with our fire, and with them, we can make a bigger and powerful fire.  I need a man who can run by my side, and who can be spontaneous for the rough times, and who is not afraid that fire will burn.

        Maybe this Valentine, this year will put on my road an addicted to passion, a fire man.

                                     Until then…come on baby light my fire…


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