Twisted Lies


Twisted Lies, and only lies

who came from your blue eyes;

Twisted truth and twisted love,

That won’t grow or fly like a dove;

Twisted soul that caught my eyes,

and made my whole world full of lies;

Twisted you, you twisted me

That I became too blind to see

That I should get rid of you

And set me, finally free….


2 thoughts on “Twisted Lies

  1. This poem is really well written. It is short, but efficient and full of intensity.
    I take advantage of it to tell some positive words on your blog: when we are on it, It give envy to visit it. The homepage is simple and well presented and the categories (poems, description of the author,..) are accessible and clear.
    Good job for your blog and for the writing of your poems dear Rina.
    “i hope that you will find the way,
    to become the writer whom you dreamed one day.
    Keep your mind far away of your sorrow memories.
    To write the next ones days of your new stories,”

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