I told you, don’t take me into your arms! I don’t think I want you to sleep over. Put your head on your pillow and sleep. Tomorrow is just a few hours away and you can go. You can leave in the same way as you came: unexpected. Don’t take me into your arms. I’m not used to that anymore. I don’t have enough space, not enough air to breath, but your warmth is great. Don’t show me something that you can’t provide.  I turn around. No, please don’t open your eyes. Don’t look into my eyes, because I am drowning in yours. I turn around. Not again! Don’t hold me in your arms! Aren’t you sleepy? I know! I’ll wait a little, wait for you to fall asleep and then I’ll release myself from your arms and from drowning.

I’m waiting, remembering unwillingly all that was…

Your hands touched every millimeter of my skin. I had goose bumps with each touch. Every nerve I had woke me up to life. I had no idea that so many parts of me were asleep. You waked them all up. Along the neck there were drawn long maps. I could hardly breathe. My voice was turning into moans. I was afraid of closing my eyes because I didn’t want to miss a thing. I wanted to memorize everything. It was such a new experience, that I never knew I was capable off. It was like I had slept my entire life, and now you woke me up. I felt captive under your touch. I could not reject you, could not control you, I was all yours. My mind was clearer and emptier then ever. There was nothing left, but pleasure.

At the end you leaned and kissed me. Not passionately, but kind, romantic, like you didn’t wanted my lips to break. My heart begun racing and a little tear felled down. I had no idea why, but I was as happy as I never been before. And that’s why you must leave now!

    Oh you finally felt asleep. I’m trying to get out of your arms. No, don’t look into my eyes again! I’m drowning in their depth.  Don’t take me into your arms again. Don’t…too late…I’m drowned…


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