My eyes were wide open when I saw you. It’s been so long, and now that you are standing in front of me, it’s like time never passed. My breath is hard. I can’t take my eyes from you. I can’t make any step. I wish I could stay still. I wish I could jump into your arms. I wish I could be immune to you. I wish to kiss you. I wish to go away. I shouldn’t have come to pick you up from the airport. It seems like yesterday you had left. It seems like a decade. You are not hurrying, but the distance becomes smaller with each step. My heart is running. It left me when you left, but now, my heart it’s sitting at the door and it’s hoping. In my stomach storms are starting. My hands are cold and sweating. A cold shiver is going down my spine. My mouth is dry. My lips open because I can’t breathe. You are near me. I can feel your breath. You are looking straight into my eyes. My feet are melting. I hope I won’t fall. There is so much silence between us. You come closer. Are you playing? There is no smile on your face. I start trembling. I hope you don’t see that. Our lips touch. Soft an kind. I can’t react. Don’t go away. I caress your face. Your eyes become more loving. I kiss you soft. I can feel your desire. I put my hands around your neck and kiss you with passion. Oh, how much I’ve missed you.

I wake up. I still feel you. Another dream. You are still far away. I refuse these dreams from today.

All is left is smoke. I should have never touched your soul. As a child, I played in bare feet inside our souls. As a child I had bitten from the forbidden chocolate. As a child I laughed with all my heart and I made a vow with the child inside you. The more I loved you, the more you lied to me. As a child I always thought you wanted more. But I was mistaken. Now all that is left is smoke…



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