My camera


My camera who painted the picture with the sky when I met you;

My camera that heard the birds singing when you looked my way;

My camera that caught your smile when your heart was happy;

My camera that surprised the goose bumps on my skin when you touched me;

My camera that caught the laughter of both of us, for a silly joke;

My camera that caught my melted eyes when I looked at you;

My camera that caught the fear in your eyes, when I touched you;

My camera that saw the tension between us with every touch and every breath;

My camera that would always run out of battery when I was with you;

My camera that got all of our glimpses of happy times together;

My camera that caught my tear falling down my eye when you said that’s all;

My camera who painted that fake smile, when you said that all will be soon forgotten;

My camera that took a picture with the lonely road when I was driving back home in tears;

My camera that painted every sad corner of my room, that reminded me of you;

My camera that stood by me, when I didn’t want to see the world anymore;

My camera that showed me the world again through its lenses and the world smiled;

My camera for painting out every smile sent from unknown person, just to let me now that life’s beautiful;

My camera for all that it has seen, all that it will see and all the smiles that it puts on my face.

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11 thoughts on “My camera

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