I wonder how it all happened. My craziness, your desire. Or was it my desire? The point was that we were blind. We just got the desire going, forgot about anything else and drove. And did we drive. On the highest picks, to the highest emotion, racings us then down the line only to get up again. The emotions made us shout. Shout out of pleasure and pain. Shout for the feelings alive. Shout for the blood pumping through our veins. Shout for life, for feeling each neuron awaking.

           But when the veil felt of, it only shout for pain. For the miss of what it might have been. For it was just a fairytale in my mind, but till the end nothing. I was prepared for it. But that wasn’t the “it”. I was preparing for nothing. All was just dust in the wind. I painted you in so many beautiful colors that you never had. I put you on a pedestal but you didn’t know how to climb there. I gave it all to you when I should have given it all to me instead.

          Because when I did, all that remained was the shout of laughter.  A laughter that I felt so hard. A laughter for what I believed and hoped, but all was nothing more than thin air. So now I laugh at the thin air, as I see you laughing at me for being so naïve. Let’s all laugh for not thinking, not judging. Just feeling and then taste the pain of falling so hard. Laugh!


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