Have you ever felt that desire that couldn’t let you breathe? That made your palms sweat and your breath hard? Between some people there is an instant chemistry that makes you burn inside in seconds. It happened to me so many times, that I have finally found a way to control it. One time this guy came close to me, even though we were in a room full of people and I felt the need to touch him, to kiss him. And I couldn’t stop staring at him. The problem was when he started staring back at me, with the same desire in his eyes like mine. Then, the evening started being interesting.  Even when I danced he kept measuring each move I made. Each step I took inside that ballroom was with my eyes on him. The tension was so big that everybody else around just faded. We kept doing this for a few hours, until we run or followed each other, I am not sure of that, to the entrance, where there wasn’t so crowded. My hands were cold. I couldn’t say a word, I just stared. He put his arms around me, and pulled me closer. I put my arms around his neck and barely moved.  He said:

–          I know it’s not ok to kiss you know, I saw you are not alone at this party!

–          And you are not alone either, I replied;

–          But I just can’t help it, he said, running his fingers through my hair;

–          I can’t either, I whispered;

He leaned closer to me. Our lips almost touched but we both didn’t dare. I could feel his breath and how he was fighting with his thoughts, logical reasons and desire. I was more relaxed from that point. My date was just a friend.  But I am addicted to this play. So I put my lips on his. I didn’t kiss him.  I just touched his lips. He closed his eyes and tried not to move, breath, there was a war inside him. I gently licked his lower lip and his hands pulled me closer to him. I loved playing with his desire. He couldn’t bare it so he started kissing me like a hungry wolf.  It was the passionate kiss ever. But then somebody was approaching so we stopped. I smiled and he stood still. I left it was all I wanted, to make him crazy.  But he is still haunted by my passion…


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