Spring’s here!


Spring is here, with all the joy for the new life that will arrive. A new leaf, the smell of flowers, the laughter of children, all that is in the spring.  Oh and that beautiful sky….


Blue the color that made me think of you. Spring: the smell that makes me forget you. Spring, the help I needed to feel alive again. Spring that manage to put a smile on my face at the first ray of sun. Oh, how I love spring! I can forget it all, I can be ready for new things to embrace. If nature can reinvent herself with every spring, I can too.


And how I love living the moment, feeling every laughter and just not thinking. Just laughing! Thank you spring for always coming back each year. And each time,after you go, I do miss you so…

” I would love to do to you, what spring does with cherry trees”

Pablo Neruda

Threes – Weekly DP Challenge




28 thoughts on “Spring’s here!

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