Soul Station


True feelings should have no barriers when it comes to honesty. But true is hard to get. Because many people confuse feelings with lust. Just like you. I don’t have a life anymore, living between your words. I am like a train station, a soul station. You come each time you like, to recharge your batteries, to remind me that I can’t forget you, twist my world around and then leave again. I am like a boat alone on a river. And I am so tired, with all that. Wine is my best friend, because you seem closer when I miss you. I am sick because of you. I put it all out for you, give you all I have, and you only take. It’s been said that givers have to set limits because takers rarely do. And that is more than wright. But I can’t.

Each time, time goes by I say to myself that this time I will tell you that all is over and that I deserve better than you. But then you appear. And my heart is so sick, that you are my only drug. And the more you leave the more I need you. I am addicted to you, to your passion, to your strength. And you smile at me and tell me that I don’t know how to make you stay. But I don’t think that I am to be blamed, I think you love this effect you have over me and that you love doing this. This empowers you. But it makes me sick. I can’t dream anymore. I can’t smoke anymore.  I am empty without you, and when you leave I feel like an orphan. You became my life. I am a soul station. Each time you leave I try to put the pieces together and make it a better station, and you return each time. To my sick heart to feed it a little, for so many years now. And I can’t abandon you. It has become a tradition now.

Why isn’t there a recovery house for souls and it’s just for drugs addicts or alcohol addicts? But for love addicts? For your love? I am too sick to help myself anymore. I missed all my chances to get rid of you. And so I just wait for you in my station. My station that it’s becoming greyer with each visit, but is still there. I don’t have a voice anymore, no power. I just have you. But you are not here. I am an empty soul station. An empty sick soul station. If you ever cared for me just a little, please don’t stop at my station anymore…break this tradition…


3 thoughts on “Soul Station

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