Mom/Woman’s Day

8 march

In many countries, mine included, we celebrate today Woman’s Day or Mom’s Day! So this is a Thank You story!

Thank you Mom for giving me birth. And thank you for dealing with the pain I put you through, for each time I didn’t listen and you still loved me, for each time I cut your breath away with my stupid fun games or ideas,  for the fear I made you feel so many times for me, for being reckless.  Thank you for each hug, each kiss, and all the love you give me! Thank you for all the meals you cooked, for all the clothes you washed, for all things you bought me first, for making me your priority! Thank you Mom for being my Mom!

Thank you Grandma for being a strong women, with a strong character, who always taught me about tradition, about cherishing family and love. And those great recipes that always made my day. Thank you Grandma for the unconditional love and the warm hugs, you always give me. Thank you!

Thank you my dear special Girl Friends for being there. Thank you for making the stupid things ever, for crying together, for laughing together, for creating a “together” family. Thank you for the drunken times, for the endless shopping time, for the new invented dance moves, for being my shoulder, my strength, my power. Thank you for being so complicated, so undetermined, so ambitious, so different, and so creative, that I always felt accepted in the world.

It shouldn’t be just a day for celebrating woman; we should celebrate them each day, for the power that lies inside them.


2 thoughts on “Mom/Woman’s Day

  1. Your mum, your grandma and your girlfriends are lucky girls to have you in their life’s. Such beautiful words and so much gratitude!! Happy Women’s Day to you, beautiful lady. May your dreams and hopes come true.

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