Honesty, a myth?


          I always wondered why people can’t be truly honest. What would happen if husbands don’t lie to each other? Probably their marriage will end faster that they can’t accept it. As if there was supposed to be a minimum amount of years to spend together. I see so many marriages that shouldn’t be marriages that I am terrified and I’m searching for a good one. Hard to find! Hard to find a relationship between two people based on truth.

           What would happen if friends wouldn’t lie to each other? Maybe then there would be true friendships, and no more fake pals. Maybe then people will start to truly appreciate one another, try to be real friends. In a friendship as like in a marriage, there is a lot of work, and commitment. If you don’t have them, then you shouldn’t be friend with somebody.

         What would happen if parents wouldn’t teach their children to lie? Maybe then they will reject lies from there lives, as grownups and live a truthful life. Would that be so hard? I think it would be fulfilling. That of course if you find people like you. Because in a world where everybody lies, you feel so alone on the side of the truth, that being a good liar becomes a jackpot.

           In this sick society, we are like forced to share lies, deep secrets, tell lies. The biggest liar has it all. I don’t know how big liars don’t trip between their lies. Maybe they have a notebook where they write what they lied about, to keep the story going. What would that be called? Lair’s diary? Would there be at least any truth? I have the belief that a liar also lies to himself, so that he is never true with him anymore.

–          So, mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the liar of them all?

–          All, dear child, all…


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