Writing, creating, breathing…


        Writing for me always was like breathing. I dream of things to write about, I wake up with new ideas, and when I put myself to bed I get up because new words and ideas come into my mind. The hard part is to fall asleep because I always have something new in mind. Thinking about it, I had this since I was a child. It was my only way to be myself, to create and feel true. Writing always gave me an escape from the real world that wasn’t so “pink” to me. I created myself a dream world, where I could escape each time I was alone and safe. In my dream world there was laughter everywhere and children had a childhood. Even now as a ” grown up” girl, I still find myself escaping through writing. Or I put out of me feelings that I wish to forget, or moments that I will always cherish. I am a contradiction with a pen who makes is normal. I am a page that will always ad more lines as the days go bye. When I write, I breath…

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8 thoughts on “Writing, creating, breathing…

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  5. Such a beautifully articulate post. Like you, I’m fortunate to have discovered that writing could give me an escape to the harshness of reality, to live several lives at the same time. Absolutely wonderful!

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