I am so tied up now. And your look makes me want you more and more. I wish I could move now, to come to you, but I can’t. You tied me so hard I can’t move. I’m your slave now. You keep staring at me, licking your lips. Oh how I would love to lick those lips too. The desire is blooming inside me, and my breath is harder by each second. If lust had a sound, now it would be on a maximum volume. You love taking your time, and make me go wilder and wilder. You open up you shirt, but you leave it on. Oh you know how much I love that. Something is growing in your pants and all I want to do is feel it. You take your pants down, oh and that view takes my breath away. You come closer. Your fingers touch my skin, gently, moving and drawing. I grow goose bumps every time you touch me. My legs are tied. My arms are too. I try to touch you, but you stop me; oh and my desire is so high. There is something about you that makes me burst into flames. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but there is. And now I’m into flames. You lay me on my back, with hands above my head, caressing me with your fingers, trying to find unconquered places. Oh, what a night it’s about to begin…


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