I am a contradiction from head to toe. I want to smile but I love the taste of my tears. I want to be happy but I search for sad moments. I want to be free but I chain myself in situation and to people. I cry for free time, but I find different activities to fill my time with. I want a family but I love to run alone and free. I want to be a child but I love high heels. I want to taste new things, but I surrender myself with old tradition. I am a contradiction and that makes my days more interesting and alive. For a long time I felt like I couldn’t find my place in the world, but that was only until I realize that the whole world is a contradiction. We only have the idea of plain and simple things, but in fact, the world it’s a contradiction by itself. How can there be so many rich people but so much hunger? How can there be so many good people, but then bad also in each corner? How can there be a night where there is a day? Or a sky you can’t touch when you walk on Earth? All is a contradiction but it all makes sense. So now I feel my connection in this place as I never felt it before..
When I feel my contradiction I can create. When I create, there I am true.


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