Dracula’s landscaping


A castle with more stories then no other…






         Although many people are enchanted and tell many stories about Dracula, none of them tell how are the surroundings near his castle. Well I was curios about that. And I had found a beautiful part of nature with a dark side in it, where even the sun doesn’t come in. As you can see in the pictures, it is like the sun it’s outside the forest which is very well guarded by the fir trees. In all that darkness there is so much beauty ..or at least I found it beautiful. The cold stones with lines of water, the tall tress that never end, the beautiful views. Those forests are filled with mystery, hidden places, different smells and a lot of sounds that might drive you crazy if you dont have a good heart. I tell this. Dracula picked out a hell of a nice place to have his castle and enjoy the fresh blood of girls. Would you dare to visit those forests?


Photos: Rina


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