Back to roots





How long has it been since you visited the places where you grew up? The places where the elders still live, where time stood still for a glimpse. Because after you glance the second time at the same place you see that everything is abandoned, and the old houses that you knew are now just ruins. But ruins with so much love, so many stories, so much love, so much laughter but yet so quiet.If I close my eyes for a few seconds in that quietness I can still hear the loudness of our plays, the laughter, the animals, the’s like all is still there and I am back, years later, with a different look but with the same heart. Oh how I wished I could play with all those friends just one more time. To laugh with all my heart. To be a child that has no fears, and just to enjoy life. Oh how much I miss to just play all day long. I still have this in my heart, my roots are there and my soul is in the same place, but the world has changed…


7 thoughts on “Back to roots

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