Second Chance


           How is it that so many people have a hard time giving a second chance and yet they would want one if they would need it? I must admit that I was in this category for many years until something hit me. Life will never have a second life, but in life, you can always find that second chance. The chance to start it all again, to make it better, to feel the joy and the happiness, to repair your mistakes. Isn’t this what is life all about? Love, forgive, forget and love back again. The purpose of life it is to find love. Love for God, love for the small things, love for all that is around you and love for the people. No human is perfect. Therefore second chances should be more then allowed and welcomed. God gave us and is still giving us a hell of a lot of second chances. Then who are we not to give second chances to the people who want to start it all over again, who want to make it all better now and who had discover love? There is no limit of the time when you can discover the love inside you, and the love inside other people. Just open your heart and let it walk free, and hug everyone and everything.


Photo made by me 🙂


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