In mood for painting

I woke up with a mood for painting…lucky for me my walls were like a  blank paper 🙂


20140416_131646… the result

next attempt 🙂


20140417_165717_resized.. the outcome 🙂

I hope you will like it!


10 thoughts on “In mood for painting

      • Oh you’re absolutely too kind! I would absolutely love to meet you as well. I think kindred hearts have a way of crossing paths! You seem to just have this amazing authenticity and zest for life. You’re very inspiring. On that same note, I’m almost finished writing that Liebster post that you so kindly nominated me for. I apologize for taking nearly a month to get to it all, but I deeply appreciate you thinking so highly of me, as I think so highly of you as well. Hugs back to you!!!

      • Can’t wait to read your Liebster post! I know all about time, this last month was haotic but I hope to get back to writing asap. Hugs!

  1. Hello, Miss Rina!
    So while I was in the process of writing my liebster post, I got asked to join a blogging tour. Here is the post that my nominator wrote before passing the torch to me: Once she asked me and one other blogger to provide a brief bio, she posted this follow-up piece:
    So, I hope you know where my rambling is going. I love you and your writing, Rina, and I’m hoping you might want to join this blog tour. Apparently, I have to post my piece on Monday (not quite ready for that, but I’ll make due!), so if you’re interested, I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a brief bio for me to include on my post Monday. I apologize for popping this on you, especially on the weekend, so if you’re not able to get it to me right away, I understand. Or if you’d rather not participate, that’s completely fine as well. You just instantly came to mind when it was my turn to pass the torch!
    With love

  2. Hey darling…I’m very sorry that I didn’t had the time to write you sooner…my life is a little chaotic now…sounds very familiar with what you described in your post ” Please forgive me” ( I actually thought about giving it a copy paste to my page 🙂 ) and I really don’t know when things will settle a little so that I can get back on track…but as they say..if one door opens, then something good will come out…if many doors open than you are just busy:))) So kisses to you and hope to be in touch soon!

    • No worries! As they say, “when it rains, it pours.” I hope your chaos settles down soon, 😦 you have my deepest sympathy and empathy! Kisses and hugs to you….and I’m offering you a virtual glass of wine, if that’ll do the trick!
      D-I <- That's the glass of wine for you!

      • Ahaaahaaaa….that for sure will do the trick for this long day, week…and hopefully not a month! I wish for you a lot of inner peace and patience to get through it all. And don’t forget to have fun and make pics. ..maybe you will post a few!! Cheers and hugs!!

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