Be the change…



I sent so many questions to the wind that at one point it hit me: why do I have so many questions? What’s the main question actually or at least the main problem. And after days of questioning I figured it out…I was dissatisfied, with a lot of things but mainly with me. Hard to diagnose yourself, but very revealing when you actually do. I think that if more people could get a cold core and just look at themselves they would change so much. What’s life without change?

So I decided to breathe me, and change. To feel me and act. To open my eyes and react. To live my days for me. Now I feel like I’m actually breathing. Now I feel my purpose on this world is to create. To create anything, from a new line, a new song, a new painting, a new feeling, a new experience, a new life. Because I like to reinvent and recreate myself.  I’m craving for more laughter. I’m lusting for more joy. I’m repelled by ordinary people with a plain life. By people who never want to grow, with limited and fixed ideas.

I’ll send my wish upon a star, to make people question themselves. I’ll send my warm embrace with a wave to make people feel safe. I’ll send my kiss to people who will rise again and again. And I’ll stand tall creating the change I want to see.

“When I create, there I am true!” Rainer Maria Rilke




You know that girl at the bar, that dances on the table and thinks that she is the best? Well she isn’t! She is usually lonely. And do you know those girls that always say that they are fine, and even when they hear a sad story they have nothing to reply back because they are just fine? Well they are lonely too. Or those man who usually say that are just waiting for the right girl, and until they find her they just cruise around? Well, they are lonely too. What about those kids that play by themselves and seem like they are having a great time, but from time to time they look at you?..they are just lonely too… so that got me thinking…if so many people are so lonely, why are they so afraid to admit it? What’s wrong in being lonely and scared in reaching new people? Haven’t we all been there? Loneliness is just a choice…