Be the change…



I sent so many questions to the wind that at one point it hit me: why do I have so many questions? What’s the main question actually or at least the main problem. And after days of questioning I figured it out…I was dissatisfied, with a lot of things but mainly with me. Hard to diagnose yourself, but very revealing when you actually do. I think that if more people could get a cold core and just look at themselves they would change so much. What’s life without change?

So I decided to breathe me, and change. To feel me and act. To open my eyes and react. To live my days for me. Now I feel like I’m actually breathing. Now I feel my purpose on this world is to create. To create anything, from a new line, a new song, a new painting, a new feeling, a new experience, a new life. Because I like to reinvent and recreate myself.  I’m craving for more laughter. I’m lusting for more joy. I’m repelled by ordinary people with a plain life. By people who never want to grow, with limited and fixed ideas.

I’ll send my wish upon a star, to make people question themselves. I’ll send my warm embrace with a wave to make people feel safe. I’ll send my kiss to people who will rise again and again. And I’ll stand tall creating the change I want to see.

“When I create, there I am true!” Rainer Maria Rilke


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