Break-up memories


Maybe if I  had a eraser and a pen I wouldn’t have been the person I am today. And even though I don’t understand why I am here, I have to learn how to love the place I am in.  I have to learn that the archives that lay in my soul defines me and I still have many chapters to write.  I would love that for a while we could trade places. Each  one to live other one’s life.Maybe then we would realize that we don’t know each other so good and we would have to accept that.

I dream about waking up in a deserted place where we could only rely on each other. Maybe in that way we would learn again how to appreciate one another. We were two complicated persons who never knew how to be easy.
I try finding different shapes for all this, changing the sad colors, but still we are here. So if now is here, and we are at this point, can we at least have the decency to have a clean break and leave with the good memories?




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