Purpose cycle


My mind is full with all but nothing. I feel a void and I got nothing to fill it with. I keep myself busy but life passes by. I find myself in the uncommon of the society. And then I wonder…what’s my purpose. .my role here…milions of answers but yet non that will make sense. And so I wait for the right one. In the meantime I try to appeciate every gift called day. I’ve done so many things that I am tired. I’ve loved so much that my heart is a ruin. And yet there still is a long road ahead.  No wrinkles yet on my face but so many inside of me.
At the supermarket it all seems a bad joke. All people seem to go in circles. Work shop sleep. Work shop sleep. Like a hamster in a roller. What’s the purpose of those lifes? How do they wake up in the morning I keep wondering myself.
Sometimes in a crowded place with the same type of prople I try to see if there is anyone asking themselve the questions I do. Are we lost in circles?

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4 thoughts on “Purpose cycle

  1. You read like a real tortured poetess, but there is only the tortured people who are really alive.
    It’s a good think. This mean that you still hope.

    Ps: I go back in my hamster roller to continue my circle life. 😉
    ( you have finished your novel?)

      • It’s great. Congratulation, it’s really hard to write a novel.
        When it will be published i will buy it! but i hope that it will be published in french too.
        I wish you good luck and a good inspiration for your next novel.


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