Windows on the soul


My trip to Florence ( Firenze), made my soul open more than I was expecting it. Beside the fact that Florence is an amazing city with a lot of breathtaking views and spectacular things to visit, it spoke to me through the windows of soul.

For instance, this first picture was taken at a cemetery (Cimitero delle Porte Sante),  where beside the breathtaking view, we have the sculpture of the woman who died. A mother of four apparently, but the way she is holding her cape like trying to take care of all her children, immediately took my thoughts to the pain her children must be feeling after her loss. My soul lost the sight of half of Florence ahead and just melted at the embrace of this women. What better way to cherish the memory of someone lost,  if not by making others feel what a great women she was, with no words included.  It took me a while to pull my self up after being lost in the depth of my thoughts, picturing love and pain at the same time, fear for what we take for granted and lose in a glimpse.



Another place that made my soul vibrate was Ponte Vechhio. It is a medieval stone  bridge over the Arno River, that today it’s known as the Gold Bridge, but many years ago was named the Red Bridge. Do you see the tiny little houses on the bridge? They used to be the homes of many butchers. Can you imagine them, living there, in little rooms, making a living as a butcher? Cause I did, and it was like I have walked through a window that brought me a century back and realized that this bridge wasn’t your walk in the park destination, but a cold place, where blood was spilled to make a living, where you wouldn’t take your children to see where their meals come from. And now, back to the present window, it’s the place you need to be, as the butchers shops are gone and replaced with jewelries shops, from one side to another,only gold. One of the finest pieces of jewelry I have ever seen, lied there making this bridge sparkle. The tiny rooms are still tiny but just shops, no beds, nothing to remember the fact that they were once homes, just the walls that if could talk, we would have a different story.


Come to think about it, the journey to Florence walked me between different windows from my soul, from pain to happiness, from sorrow to forgiveness. Must have been a place that’s been calling for me for a long time. Nevertheless those aren’t the only places in Florence that made my soul wonder, but are the most vibrant of all.

Would you agree, that you can wonder between windows of different ages, with your mind in a glimpse of a time?

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4 thoughts on “Windows on the soul

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