I believe in…


I woke up today feeling restless and tired. I remember bits and parts of what I dreamed about. Many people say that dreams are life’s that happened, that when you dream you walk between your lives as time is relative and not a linear map. I wonder sometimes if that is the truth, if the people we meet in one life we meet in the other ones and if we are supposed to learn something with every life. When I was a child, I use to think that life is so long and I couldn’t perceive the meaning of the expression ” time flies”. Now I can’t perceive my ideas as a child, time does fly by in an instant and it never feels enough.

Through the years I’ve searched for answers. for ideas, for a logic in time, in people, in events, in coincidences, in books and in myself. I only came to the conclusion that nothing is truly accurate or true, nothing is what it seems and yet we have beliefs that things are supposed to be in a certain manner.

One day I started believing that there isn’t just an answer for everything and that if you open your eyes and listen to the world around you, there are always the answers you need.

I believe now that every encounter with someone its for a purpose, at least a lesson to learn, that time is not as we know it, that I’ve done some things before and I just learn how to improve it, that I’ve been to places before this life and I needed to get back there again. I believe that everything speaks to you through its energy, from  a leaf to a human. We must have a reason for being here, for repeating some things, and my belief is that we are here to remember how to love unconditionally; to share the love we receive, to love all around us and accept that all that comes in our path is there to teach us a lesson. If we don’t learn it we will never move on and develop more.

I believe that love and fear are the greatest powers in this world and I have lived so much in fear that I know its every depth and illusion of power and possessiveness. But love is freeing, love is secure and redeeming. I found it to be so hard to let myself dive in it that I thought I will never be able to do it. It ripped apart every piece of my being but it all together again like I was a puzzle. And here I am, in it, loving it, spreading it, learning from it.

I believe in love, do you?

The picture belongs to a wonderful photographer Alan Organ

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