Give me the words,

And put my heart in swords;

Close your eyes and whisper nothing,

Kiss and show me, everything.

Touch my soul once again,

to kiss the sorrow of my pain;

See through my colored mind,

And make me, once again, blind;

Linger your whisper,

Put on my lips, your finger;

Make me yours again,

And set me, in the old chain.

Pull me tight,

Don’t kiss me good night,

Make me suffer,

So that you’ll be rougher;

Hold on to the night,

And don’t let there be light,

Cause light will only show the truth,

That neither me or you, are sooth…

Twisted Life


Twisted life, that mixed the lines,

Why did you do that, because it grew me spines?

Dear life who are my master,

I hope to be your servant disaster!

I hope to enjoy the saddest part of life,

But also the best and prettiest smile

I hope to love everything that looks at me,

And to hate everything that refuses me

Oh twisted life, you twisted my mind too hard

That I’m blind and can’t see the last yard

But when the end shall come,

I hope I’ll be the one,

Who can proudly say,

That everything was done MY WAY!

A must


I hoped so high and felt so hard

I miss your smile, and I am scared

I miss it all but there is no hope

That hope that made me desire for us to elope

The hope that made me dream of your warm embrace

 The hope that made me think there might be a second chance


But second choices can’t be for everyone

You must have a heart to give love to anyone

 A desire for wanting it

A desire that can’t make us split

 But your desire is just for lust

When my desire was for a must


A must of us together

 A must of us forever

A must that I needed so

 But you turned it into a NO