I feel like in a boat, sailing with the sea, with no way to control it. I see a blue sky far ahead, maybe even some land, but it seems far and unreachable. It’s not very bad in my boat. It’s raining, but I’m not cold. The sea is pushing me everywhere, sometimes deeper into the sea, sometimes to the shore. I’m covered in leafs. Grey, auburn, green, yellow, reddish…many colors.

I feel nothing. I’m empty. The sea is so loud, that it’s covering every thought I had.

I close my eyes..better this way. Something burns my face. A ray of sun is caressing me. Feels good. I’m not numb anymore. Can you never go away?




You know that girl at the bar, that dances on the table and thinks that she is the best? Well she isn’t! She is usually lonely. And do you know those girls that always say that they are fine, and even when they hear a sad story they have nothing to reply back because they are just fine? Well they are lonely too. Or those man who usually say that are just waiting for the right girl, and until they find her they just cruise around? Well, they are lonely too. What about those kids that play by themselves and seem like they are having a great time, but from time to time they look at you?..they are just lonely too… so that got me thinking…if so many people are so lonely, why are they so afraid to admit it? What’s wrong in being lonely and scared in reaching new people? Haven’t we all been there? Loneliness is just a choice…



A must


I hoped so high and felt so hard

I miss your smile, and I am scared

I miss it all but there is no hope

That hope that made me desire for us to elope

The hope that made me dream of your warm embrace

 The hope that made me think there might be a second chance


But second choices can’t be for everyone

You must have a heart to give love to anyone

 A desire for wanting it

A desire that can’t make us split

 But your desire is just for lust

When my desire was for a must


A must of us together

 A must of us forever

A must that I needed so

 But you turned it into a NO