The Liebster Award


        So Bunny, Bunny you didn’t forgot about me this year also. I am very proud  ( and I was surprised) that I have been nominated for this award, and for this I thank from all my heart to And I love this type of awards that makes new blogs come to light. So I am sending the Bunny to other bloggers and I hope that you will enjoy this nomination as much as I did. The order is random, so don’t over think it. I can’t wait to read you responses! Hugs and Happy Easter to you all!

Now… there are a few rules that need taken into account when receiving such a nomination:

I. Thank the blogger who gives it.

II. Answer 11 questions he / she asks.

III. Nominate 11 more bloggers for the award.

IV. Ask these 11 bloggers 11 questions.

V. Let the bloggers know that you have nominated them.


So let’s obey the rules.

I. Although the first rule, should not be a rule, cause I think everybody got common sense, I thank you again Ana for all the support, and the time spent reading my posts. As a sign of my appreciation I would like to highlight one of your post, that made me want to read more and more from your writings : So readers, please don’t miss this blog! Hugs!

II. The questions!!! …and the answers 🙂 

1. What three places describe you best?

That’s a hard question, because so many things can describe me. But I think that the colored places are my thing, especially if they are filled with music, people and some sunshines!

2. There must be an author or book close to your heart; would you like to share this information with us?

Just one?? I have so many, that I could never decide just to one. So a few of them are: Marc Levy, Cecilia Ahern, E.L.James, Coehlo, etc

3. What is you dream destination, that mysterious place you always wanted to visit?

Hmmm… there can’t be just one, I like to visit so much, that I would do that all the time. But I think that Peru is on top of the list;)

4. Where did you spend the nicest vacation?

The nicest vacation so far was at Disneyland in Paris. I felt like a child, in a world of dreams and I would revisit it as many times as I could! I advice everybody, to visit Disneyland, at least one time in their life, no matter the age!

5. What historical period would be best suited for your personality?

I think this is the best period for me. I like the open minded people from now, and the liberty to do and be whatever you want.

6. Do you identify yourself with any artist(s), and if so, with whom?

I identify myself with many artist, as I love to sing, paint, draw, write and many other stuff. I am an artist from head to toe.  Sometimes I identify myself with Tolstoi, or Beyonce, or any painter at the corner of the street who paints with soul.

7. What nice memory from your childhood would you like to share with us?

The time, that always comes back in my mind was the crazy stuff we did as kids, and the crazy games we played. I am terrified now thinking at my mom’s heart watching me doing all the ” unsafe” stuff. And jumping out of trees was my biggest joy. 

8. What’s the greatest satisfaction you derive from blogging?

I feel like I am breathing. As I often say on my blog, when I create, there I am true.

9. What are three of the most important principles you try to observe in life?

1. Don’t judge people

2. Life is simple, we complicate it!

3. Smile, love, forgive, forget and love again

10. Do you like to plan everything or are you a spontaneous person?

I am both. I also like to plan in the smallest details, but other times I just wake up and start doing everything spontaneously. 

11. What do you prefer: a good book or a good movie?

If I could do them both at the same time, it would be amazing:)) Or reading the book from where the movie came out:)















IV. The questions ( hope you will enjoy answering them)

1. What is your day to day inspiration?

2. Does it feel when you write about your feelings deep inside that you are vulnerable now?

3. What other hobbies do you have beside writing?

4. Is there a booking preparing for the near future?

5. What is your day to day job?

6. What are the subjects you could never write about?

7.  What would your dream job be?

8. Where would you like to travel?

9. If you could have  a magic power, what would that be?

10. What’s the worst thing you hate about a man/woman?

11. Do you believe in second chances?

I’m looking forward in reading your answers and discover more and more about you! Hugs!