Every time since I’ve met you I keep thinking that your middle name should have been McSteamy ( yes, like McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy). Cause every time I am around  you, I feel like in a  hot sauna. I’m hot and I see steam coming out from my body.  I can’t take my eyes of you, I can’t think straight and my body is hot. And when you touch my skin, and breathe down my neck, I can’t stay on my own two feet. So you gently take me into the shower, in hot steam, under water, to feel each drop on my skin, each touch and each move. And how you smile when you see the goose bumps down my skin, when you feel my knees’s priceless. And then I put my nails deep in your skin, so that you can feel my desire.  I love to hear you moan. Moan my name, babe…

I woke up…steamy morning. I need a shower. Oh steamy shower again. Where are you?

Past – no steam, present – steamy, future – can’t stop the steam. Let me bathe in you …

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Give me the words,

And put my heart in swords;

Close your eyes and whisper nothing,

Kiss and show me, everything.

Touch my soul once again,

to kiss the sorrow of my pain;

See through my colored mind,

And make me, once again, blind;

Linger your whisper,

Put on my lips, your finger;

Make me yours again,

And set me, in the old chain.

Pull me tight,

Don’t kiss me good night,

Make me suffer,

So that you’ll be rougher;

Hold on to the night,

And don’t let there be light,

Cause light will only show the truth,

That neither me or you, are sooth…



               I am so tied up now. And your look makes me want you more and more. I wish I could move now, to come to you, but I can’t. You tied me so hard I can’t move. I’m your slave now. You keep staring at me, licking your lips. Oh how I would love to lick those lips too. The desire is blooming inside me, and my breath is harder by each second. If lust had a sound, now it would be on a maximum volume. You love taking your time, and make me go wilder and wilder. You open up you shirt, but you leave it on. Oh you know how much I love that. Something is growing in your pants and all I want to do is feel it. You take your pants down, oh and that view takes my breath away. You come closer. Your fingers touch my skin, gently, moving and drawing. I grow goose bumps every time you touch me. My legs are tied. My arms are too. I try to touch you, but you stop me; oh and my desire is so high. There is something about you that makes me burst into flames. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but there is. And now I’m into flames. You lay me on my back, with hands above my head, caressing me with your fingers, trying to find unconquered places. Oh, what a night it’s about to begin…



       I told you, don’t take me into your arms! I don’t think I want you to sleep over. Put your head on your pillow and sleep. Tomorrow is just a few hours away and you can go. You can leave in the same way as you came: unexpected. Don’t take me into your arms. I’m not used to that anymore. I don’t have enough space, not enough air to breath, but your warmth is great. Don’t show me something that you can’t provide.  I turn around. No, please don’t open your eyes. Don’t look into my eyes, because I am drowning in yours. I turn around. Not again! Don’t hold me in your arms! Aren’t you sleepy? I know! I’ll wait a little, wait for you to fall asleep and then I’ll release myself from your arms and from drowning.

I’m waiting, remembering unwillingly all that was…

Your hands touched every millimeter of my skin. I had goose bumps with each touch. Every nerve I had woke me up to life. I had no idea that so many parts of me were asleep. You waked them all up. Along the neck there were drawn long maps. I could hardly breathe. My voice was turning into moans. I was afraid of closing my eyes because I didn’t want to miss a thing. I wanted to memorize everything. It was such a new experience, that I never knew I was capable off. It was like I had slept my entire life, and now you woke me up. I felt captive under your touch. I could not reject you, could not control you, I was all yours. My mind was clearer and emptier then ever. There was nothing left, but pleasure.

At the end you leaned and kissed me. Not passionately, but kind, romantic, like you didn’t wanted my lips to break. My heart begun racing and a little tear felled down. I had no idea why, but I was as happy as I never been before. And that’s why you must leave now!

    Oh you finally felt asleep. I’m trying to get out of your arms. No, don’t look into my eyes again! I’m drowning in their depth.  Don’t take me into your arms again. Don’t…too late…I’m drowned…

Master me!

Master me!


I won’t let you master me. Not today! Today you obey, because I said so!

Sit down! Don’t laugh, it’s not funny!

Do not try to look in my eyes! I won’t fall into this trap!

Oh, you don’t think I can resist? Try me! Today I won’t startle at anything. You are not as good and important as you think. You can kiss me on the neck as much as you want, I won’t startle. Do you think if you hold my hands over my head, stuck to the wall, fixed, and you draw circles with your tongue in my ear, it changes anything?

You make me laugh already. No! I breathe harder because I ‘m tired of hanging with my hands up. So what if you turn me around?  My face, against the cold wall will only get me cooler. You have no effect on me unless I want so, I told you. Today you obey, not me!

Okay, fine, keep trying. Everything fails anyway. I talk too much? Eh … I told you that you do not have any effect on me. So what if you kiss me from head to toe?  Nothing will happen. The fact that my skin is transformed only certifies that is has a voice of her own, but it does not mean that I feel something. Do not bite my lips, I do not obey today. I hurt myself? Where? I clenched my fists, my nails cut my hands … I didn’t know. But still, that’s nothing. My high heels are still on my feet!
Do not lick my lips, or bite them! I still feel nothing. I am only burning, and I am short from crazy not to touch you, but I don’t want you to win. You draw masterpieces of art with your tongue on my chest and slowly you are going lower and looking into my eyes, full of passion. I lift my hands up; I don’t want to touch you. Lower and lower you reached my volcano. My legs are shaking, they do not listen to me, and I have goose bumps. I bite my lips so hard with pleasure that they will break. Moans are coming out, they do not listen to me, and the pleasure gets so intense, that I put my hands in your hair. Do not raise your eyebrow proud, don’t smile, master me!